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How much can I earn with a holding account?

How much rewards you earn as a Florin holder is difficult to say because it depends on many factors, and these factors can change. The following guidelines apply:

  • The longer your locking period is, the higher your earnings will be.
  • The more Florin you commit, the higher your earnings will be. Although there is an optimum.
  • The more Florin are in holding in total, the lower your earnings become.
  • The more holding accounts are created, the lower your earnings become.

A Florin community member created an Excel holding calculator that gives AN INDICATION of what your rewards would approxomatily be in the current Florin Environment.


This is just an indication. No rights can be derived from the content in the Excel sheet.

If you wan’t to check how differently set up holding accounts would do in terms of % of earnings, please check this excel sheet.

Holding Reward Calculator